Stainless Steal Hotplates for Galleymate 1100 / Sizzler Deluxe

Price AU $160

AU $160
Hotplates - Sizzler low & high lid and Galleymate 1100
$160.00 - $385.00

All our barbecues come with a choice of cooking surfaces. The Sizzler Deluxe comes standard with solid stainless steel hotplate and are virtually indestructible.

For the gourmet cook we have Stainless Steel half or full grill hotplates which are ideal for those who want to cook over a flame grill. These hot plates require the attachment of flame dispersers fitted to the standard burners.

A - Full Hotplate
AUD $160 incl GST

B - Half Grill/Half Hotplate* (includes Plate & 2 x Gas Burners with ½ flame dispersers)
AUD $345 incl GST

C - Full Grill* (includes 2 x Plate & Gas Burners with Full flame dispersers)
AUD $385 incl GST

*When using Grill Hotplates the burners must be fitted with flame dispersers to avoid "flareup".
Western Australia
O'Connor WA
Stainless Steal Hotplates

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