Galleymate 1100 / Sizzler Deluxe Cooking Rack

Price AU $60

AU $60
The Cooking Rack fits directly over the top of the burners, giving close contact with the heat. By removing the hotplate and inserting the Cooking Rack, the barbecue becomes a stove-top or an oven. A standard size frying pan will fit comfortably on the optional Cooking Rack alongside a small pot or saucepan. By using only the front burner and closing the lid, you can use it as an oven, which will cook your food in around the same time as your home oven. The Cooking Rack sits down low above the burners to allow maximum heat efficiency and economical use of gas.
Western Australia
O'Connor WA
Galleymate 1100 Sizzler Deluxe Cooking Rack

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